Planning Your Staycation

Some of us don't have summer homes, and the relatives that live in another state or country we really don't want to visit.

Many of us will opt for a staycation, here are some helpful tips to plan your staycation:

1. Don't tell you boss or co-workers you will be in town, they will feel the need to call you even though it is your official vacation.

2. Don't plan a lot of home improvement projects that you will never get to at all.

3. Rent as much from Nexflix! Time to catch up on your favorite shows or movies you didn't get a chance to view.

4. Sleep as late as possible.

5. Go to the beach as frequently as possible.

6. You know those Sexy Cookbooks that I've mentioned now is the time to try out those recipes with your hubby or girlfriend.

7. If you are a guy don't shave until the day before you have to go back to work.

8. Try the local restaurants.

9. Go running on the beach before dawn.

10. Prepare a moonlit beach dinner and gaze at the stars with your significant other.

Cheers to the most relaxing and stress free staycation!

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