Safety Tips for the Nail Salon

If you must go to the nail salon, here are some helpful tips, so you can minimize infections at nail salons.

1. Always take your own nail polish to the salon. Many salons don't throw out their inventory after 3 months, which you should do always

2. Take your own nail tools- Go to your local Sephora and get your own, ask the Sephora person for all the proper tools. Bring your tools to your appointment and when you get home, soak your tools in alcohol.

3. Take your own face mask, you can go to the local Home Depot and get a face mask. Many nail technicians wear face masks because of the chemicals, so you protect yourself as well, especially if you are pregnant.

4. Pedicure- Many salons still have the bubble spa machines; however you should do your own hard work- file your heels, warm pedicure with olive oil. I would only go to the nail salon to get my toes professionally painted. Bring your own nail polish!!

Cheers to keeping your nails and feet safe!

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