Scents for Men

Who doesn't love a well groomed man that smells great!

Here are a few scents that smell great on any man.

1. Dolce & Gabbana- Sport for Men Eau De Toilette: This has a perfect blend of musk, then is rounded out by citrus blend that smells insane!

2. Perrlier- Caribbean Vanilla Coffee:
Trust me this isn't nearly as bad as it sounds, it doesn't smell like food or anything remotely feminine, it is a great blend of Caribbean spice mixed with rugged musk, that if your hubby wears this, you are in for great night of love making for certain. All he needs is a cigar and brandy and he is over the top.

3. Aqua Di Giorgio-
This has been an award winning fragrance for years, it is the perfect ocean and citrus blend that would take you back to the night you first fell in love.

4. Lacoste for Men
This is a real cool and sporty scent that is great for a brunch, or right after a work out.

Cheers to the scents for MEN!!!! 

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