Self- Esteem Check

Summer is getting on it's way and as you look at the babes in the gym, you realized that you haven't kept your New Year's Resolution, which is to loose weight.

Then, your friend calls you and tells you that she scored venture financing on the business that she started at the beginning of the year.

You are tempted to feel like dirt, but don't, here is what I do when I am feeling down, I mean saw the "Promise Land," in terms of me losing the last 50 lbs. and I broke my toe in 3 places! So I couldn't walk, or work out until July.

Here is what you do: Self- Esteem Check

Write down your ten best traits, which are true, we aren't playing Fantasy Island.

Write them down every day, until you really begin to see changes and feel more confident about yourself.

We all have plans and goals, but things happen!

Cheers to your top TEN Positive Traits!

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