Building Confidence...

Many of us especially in NYC eat and spit each other out, if you don't meet someone's idea of  who you should be and if you fit their group.

Friends of mine have told me that although being qualified for jobs, the reason why they have turned down is "you aren't a fit for the organization."

This can way down on the best of us, so how do exude confidence when the outside world tells us differently?

1.  Share something that you have perfected-- Ever check out the Diet Dr. Pepper commercial with Michelle Phan. She loved make up and is skilled at making anyone look good so she had a You Tube channel, now...look at her... She used technology to her benefit.

2. Join groups and associations that you have a common bond.
Alumni groups are excellent! Most people are intimated by people who they perceive come from an elite university especially women graduates, so if you need a confidence boost, join an alumni group.

3. Meet-ups are great way to start something that no one hasn't done before. Some meet-up groups have events in public spaces or meet in Barnes Noble.

4. Be a part of new group that you are passionate about, founding members always have closer bonds than those who join groups when they are established. Also, you get to showcase your talents and because they really need all the help.

5. When you follow one or more of these steps, then you are well on your way to finding the right job, career, or starting your own organization. Also, the more you are around positive people, the chances of you having depression, or poor health decreases dramatically.

Cheers to a confident YOU!

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