Job Search Skills: The Proper Use of Twitter

Everyday in the news, we here of some person who made a racist, sexist, homophobic remark on Twitter, or the increase of Cyberbullying.

However, we at Positivexpert know that technology there is a positive side to using twitter.

We have found that more companies are using twitter to engage with future employees, through specific job postings that are not found on the regular job boards. Also, recruiters will host twitter chats or twitter parties, that future job applicants can ask specific questions to companies on anything from the application process to company culture to specific job unit questions.

My experience with twitter as been all positive, some companies that we have featured products for no fee, have read our articles and commented. Some well known people have when we read something that they have done positively for an issue and we congratulate them have reached out as well.

Also twitter has helped us in great ways become descriptive and succinct.

When looking for a job and you are in a specific field engage with companies that you would want to work and follow them, appropriately comment on something meaningful that, that company has done, you will be amazed at the results.

Cheers to the proper use of technology.

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