Money Matters: When and What Should You Buy Online?

E- Commerce is the BIG thing everyone is buying online including groceries?

Yes, I was guilty of that as well, there was one point where the Mail Person and UPS started to deliver me other people packages because they thought it was mine.

That's when I had to STOP!!

As I was packing up my Halloween Beverage Dispenser that I bought on clearance for $10.00 don't ask....

I thought to myself, why am I hiding out, and what could I get online that is not in a physical store?

So, this year that is my approach, just when I want to "buy" something, I leave it in the shopping basket or if the item does not say online only, and it is truly a bargain such as 5 bottles of 10 oz. nail polish remover for 8.00, then I getting up and buy it myself; however when I get to the store if it is not an essential item, I forget why I am there and leave.

Also, party supplies are great to buy online and in bulk, my recommendations for catering supplies are and for party bags for all kinds of occasions, you can't beat, their stuff is extremely high quality and great!

Cheers to buying only what you NEED and not GREED!

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