My Love Affair with Papaya

Sorry Food Network, but my weight and doctor said we must end our love affair.

So, the beginning of the year I am reading again, tons of books on fruits and veggies, etc. and I come across even beauty mags, the super food papaya.

Why is this a super food?

Super food because it neutralizes acids in the stomach instantly, and the enzymes in the fruit has anti-aging properties.

So, I tried it out for a month, buying two papayas at a local market, and my need for refined sugar has dramatically been reduced.

Also, refined sugar as you know is the main cause of diabetes, if you live in a stressful environment it alters your mind and causes violent mood swings.

So after a meal, I have my slice of papaya which to me is heaven on earth.

Cheers to wonders of Papaya!

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