Spring Has Sprung!!

Hello Positive Peeps,

I know I have been a bit absent with my daily posts. However, my computer was in the shop and without a back- up computer, it becomes a bit hard to write, and besides the public library only allows you one hour on the computer.

What do we have store?

Fun, fun, fun, and fun!!

But first we must do some Spring Cleaning.

So, this winter was all about getting rid of the negativity in terms of people and of course diet.

However, I during my computer hiatus, I read so much about toxins and toxins that are found in our everyday life.

After a couple of articles, you would want to take inventory of your medicine cabinet and beauty bag.

Then we move into bridal season and of course summer parties.

Oh, don't forget our fashion segment on Affordable Glam.

Get on our train to getting rid of toxins so we can enjoy our summer fashions and parties!

Our love goes out to new readers in Brazil and Mexico, and our loyal following in the U.S. and in Germany.


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