Book Report: By Invitation Only

Day Two in Our Book Report Series:

By Invitation Only

If anyone is thinking about going to e-commerce, this book is based on the founders of the shopping site Gilt. I know I am a loyal customer and I think the products that they offer are high quality.

However, if you are wondering well anyone can do that, e- commerce is so simple, read this book and learn how being an early adapter into the a field, you can reap huge benefits not to mention profits.

The major takeaway is to always do business with people whom you trust, when hiring people make certain you have the right people in the right position.

Although GILT is a major success, there are huge hurdles that the team had to cover come such as VC's laughing at them when they were doing their presentations or pitch. Or a CEO who had to package and box the merchandise herself, not all glam.

They did revolutionize the retail industry because even major department stores have adopted the flash sale concept into there business practices.

Now everyone can get a taste of Barney's without going to the Store. This book is an excellent primer for anyone who is thinking of entering the retail space and how these two women revolutionized the way the retail industry and believed in their idea and kept on moving despite setbacks and adversity.

Cheers to By Invitation Only!!

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