Book Report: Start Something that Matters

Three years ago, my feet were killing me and I happened to be in a Whole Foods and I saw some cut but comfy shoes so I bought them with my lunch and left.

However, I saved the tag and the company was all about the concept One for One, you buy one pair of these shoes and we will donate a pair to homeless children in Argentina. I felt good about my purchase and that I was supporting a good company.

A couple of years ago I pick up the book Start Something that Matters by Blake Mycoskie  who is the founder of TOMS the shoe company that bought the shoes from two years earlier.

Why I picked this book is he is a serial entrepreneur, whose candor was refreshing  about starting businesses failing at them, going on TV as an Amazing Race Contestant, then selling a business, but it was during a trip to Argentina that convinced him, without any retail or shoe experience to enter this world.

His key tenents:

1. Start a business that provides meaningful product or services to people.

2. Create an atmosphere of loyalty within your company, he tells of the tale where he fired someone who gossiped, took credit for almost everything anyone did and the rest of the employees were miserable.

3. He owned the original concept but hired and built a team of people who were experts in the field, he was trying to enter.

4. He was an innovator with the one to one concept that so many other companies have replicated.

5. He mentored people and allowed others to pursue their entrepreneurial endeavors and assisted them.

6. His shoe company is now one of the leading social and footwear businesses.

This book by far is one the best business books because it shows everyone in spite of background can do good and earn a great living at the same time.

Cheers to Start Something that Matters!

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