Book Report: What to Do In Hard Times

We were in Barnes and Noble and of course I love going to the reduced section and I picked up a book, What to Do In Hard Times, it is a collection of various authors.

This book was written in the Great Depression, when the U.S. Government had to ration out bread, but I found the contents of this book to be so excellent and relevant in today's time, 87 years later.

Most of the greatest inventions came from that era, in extreme scarcity people are forced to think of creative ways to do things.

Did this book say we must go out and create businesses and then back stab each other or sort people shares of the company.

Nope, not at all, in fact the book said there are four impediments to reaching success:

1. Greed
2. Jealousy
3. Anger
4. Dishonesty

One story they had was a woman who found out that the stock market had collapsed she went and bought 2 months worth of bread and stored it in here freezer, she knew times were going to be hard. However, whenever her neighbors came and asked for bread or something to eat she would deny them, she needed the bread for her family. Then, one day her child got sick and she couldn't find anyone to take her child to the doctor, and people remembered her being the equivalent of a hoarder and allowing them to starve, well her child didn't make it, but the point is if you have something, even information share freely with those in need. Greed will block your flow.

Jealousy or Haters:
A lot of people get very angry when other people accomplish there goals and they begin smear campaigns on them. Look at the paper any day or better yet read a gossip mag, so many people aren't willing to put in the time or effort to accomplish there goals, whether it is weight loss, starting a new business, or getting into a new school. Even people who went to school or is traveling the straight and narrow get upset when they see people who the think shouldn't get position or even mates. The cure is to focus on your mission, there is enough success, enough resources to help a person accomplish their goals to go around. But your flow will be blocked if you harbor jealousy or hate on anyone.

We all get angry at times, but did you ever meet someone who was angry all time for no reason? Or someone who couldn't control their anger, they were always yelling and screaming or the person I think this is most dangerous person whose anger brews, then all of a sudden they explode and you are trying to find out where that came from? What was that all about. Anger is the number one cause of  some physical ailments including heart disease.

Many people applaud the Gordon Gecko's of the world, or the main character of the Wolf of Wall Street; however these people were criminals, they used deceptive means to get what they felt it was owed to them. Nothing in life is owed to you and the more dishonest a person is the more they setting themselves up for big time falls. Should you tell everyone, everything like confession no, but anything built or gotten through ill gains will never last.

This book serves to me as an emotional check, when things aren't going according to plans, I then have to do an emotional check and then, refocus.

Cheers to the amazing book..What to Do In Hard Times!!!

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