Can It Wait Til Tomorrow?

The frantic schedules of any New Yorker is dizzying?

I was in a Starbucks and overheard someone on the phone:

Are you dying?

Are you going to the hospital?

Then: "Can It Wait Till Tomorrow?"

Which had me thinking when I schedule my day from the night before and try to get everything on my to-do list off?

When, I feel as though my head is in Alaska and my body is in NYC, then I have to ask "Can It Wait Til Tomorrow?"

This was especially the case this winter when I had all of my plans to go to Fashion Week lined up and then 3 snow storms back to back, was it SO IMPORTANT that I go these Fashion Shows or get food for my family and make certain that had enough water for 3 days, just in case.

Or when you see a sale, that you must have storage bins! I know that was my crusade, yes I did need storage bins, I had to think? I am moving right this second? No, are you home goods secure in the place where you currently have them? YES.

So, yes the storage bins CAN WAIT TIL TOMORROW!

We get ourselves so in angst and stressed out when truthfully speaking, most things can be put off til the next day.

Cheers to adopting CAN IT WAIT TIL TOMORROW attitude!

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