Career Direction: Breaking Into a New Industry

When I was a licensed career planner, everyone use to ask me: I want to do something fun and creative with my life.

Funny, I was thinking the same thing at the time.

So you wake up one day and find out that you really love fashion, but you aren't a designer what do you do?
Career Alternatives for Fashionistas include:

Stylists- Everyone can buy clothes, but not everyone can buy clothes that fit and look good at the same time. I hear you is there a course in styling? I am certain there is but, you always gotten kudos for your outfits, then why don't you check out, you can sign up to be a stylist, you get commissions. The beauty of this is that it is all done online!! So you can be your girlfriend in Maryland's stylists.

Now someone is saying but I love jewelry what should I do?

Sell IT! The brand that everyone is raving about that is high quality is The do have a startup fee, but the brand has branched out to include bags and accessories, so cool! And you do get a paid commission for it and people love them.

OK, someone is telling me but what about writing, I always wanted to write a book.

Well, if you love being isolated and numerous periods of times and naturally see stories in the everything, I am not talking about psychosis. But, if you are naturally inclined to getting your point across in captivating way, and are disciplined, then why not YES take a writing course.

I do recommend a writing course, because there is a structure and formula if you are considering being a well paid author, screenwriter, playwright, etc.

But, I am a foodie I love to cook and I make really great treats. If that's the case then check out your local flea market, farmers market and find out the process for selling your treats and the licenses in your states.

I know in NYC we have great food business incubators-- such as Hot Bread Kitchen, the Long Island City Incubator and everyone knows about the Brooklyn Flea.

Cheers to exploring and finding your inner creative avenue!

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