Getting Bikini Ready

It's the last week of March and most of us have made our plans for the summer, but we are now faced with a Winter Body, which means most of us are out of shape.

Here are some tips to get bikini ready:
1. Shave those legs in the shower everyday and seal it moisture with olive oil before you towel dry.

2. DRINK WATER!! Drink 8 glasses every day and with a glass of hot water lemon with every meal.

3. Dilute all sugary drinks-- 1/8  cup of juice, then the rest is water.

4. Go for a bra fitting--Buy a Proper Bra and New shape wear.

5. Get a weekly pedicure and have a warm cream pedicure to lock in moisture.

6. Take a yoga and spin classes.

7. Ask the hairdresser the best color for your hair for highlights and a lighter hair color for the summer.

Cheers to the 7 ways to getting bikini ready for the summer!!

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