How to Entertain on a Budget!

You are the lucky one to score your own fab job and apartment, or you and boyfriend are getting married or you just like people over!

You realized that you can't afford fresh flowers and new place settings every time you want to entertain. Here are some tips that I found amazingly great.

1. Classic Colors: Black, White, Emerald Green, Rust and Yellow Tablecloths-  Great for New Year's, Valentine's Day, Halloween, Spring Bridal Events and Baby Showers, Etc.
2. Metallic Runner- again New Year's, Summer Soiree with white tablecloths, Dinner with Clients
3. Green Linen Runner-Any Spring events-Bridal and Baby Shower's, Spring Regilious Holidays
4. Red and Orange Tone Runner- Thanksgiving, Cinco de Mayo, and Fall Brunch
5. Napkins-Cloth--Easy to clean and classy, white, black, green, red and orange for the above same reasons.
Now you are thinking is so much money! Nope buy at clearance when the season is over and stores are looking to move merchandise! Think stores like Kohl's, Target, Pier 1 where you can get up to 90 percent off 4th of July Merchandise in Dec.

1. Buy Ten Metallic Votives- Goes with everything and gives everything a glammed up look.
2. Place Cards
3. Soup Bowls- Classic White
4. Ramekins
5. Marble Cheese Boards
6. Shot Glasses
7. Pitchers- Terra Cotta, One Spring Color, Classic Clear Glass
8. Bus Vases
9. Appetizer Plates
Again you are looking at me, but if you shop at Create and Barrel Outlet--you can score big! I bought 10 slanted shot glasses for 10.00, 8 ramekins for 10.95 -- ramekins are so useful, they can be used to put out nuts, olives, cubed cheese, sauces, etc. 10 appetizer plates for 10.95, so helpful!!! Cheese Boards can also be used for slices of main entrée meats.

Place Cards- Michaels
Bud Vases- Dollar Store, yes they those at $1.00!
Metallic Pens- Michaels, or Target, off season right before Bridal and after Christmas.

Right you can't afford them or some of your guests are allergic to flowers, my mother will have a severe allergic reaction to orchids.
Michael's to the rescue! Spring--Lilies of Valley, White Hydrengas, Sunflowers, and Winter is Poinsettas, always go when they have 40 percent off sale or when one major holiday is over clearance tables are our friends!

Cheers to great entertaining for you and your friends!

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