Our Box Pick Is: Little Black Bag

I said: I am never going to spend another dime on a subscription box!

Until I saw the YouTube video on Little Black Bag.

Little Black Bag is a subscription box service that has the latest handbags and accessories for over 65% off, NO you are not going to get a Hermes bag, but there are cute bags for half the cost.

So, the catch is after you have selected your accessory, mine was a statement necklace, then you get two add-ons, my add-ons were pony tail holders and sunscreen, always can use that, but then you get to trade.

If you didn't like your add-ons, then you could trade with other buyers for different items, one person want my pony tail holders for earrings, another wanted my necklace for earrings and a bracelet. This goes on until you press "SHIP MY ITEMS."

My box came on time and with all the items and to get a wonderful statement necklace that retails for $50.00, sunscreen, and great color hair ties for $25.00 is amazing!

So if you want to have a little fun and score some great items check out LittleBlackBag.

Cheers to trading!

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