Spring/Summer: Wardrobe Update

Who bought all of the Peter Pilotteto for Target collection?

That collection sold out so fast!

But, I only bought one piece which was the red long sleeve shirt.

After looking at my wardrobe, I took a close inventory, there are only a few things that I really needed for this summer/spring.

In fact last spring/summer I was nursing a broken ligament, so I really didn't go out.

But, I did happen to get 4 cowl neck blouses, the red shirt from that Peter Pilotteto for Target collection and a wonderful Spring Umbrella.

All for under $100.00, Yes I used gift cards, points, and everything else.

I don't need anymore clothes! Yes, I have my Summer Soiree Party clothes as well.

So when you are looking to update your wardrobe providing that it is not circa 1998, you only need a few pieces to really keep current.

Cheers to a wonderful Spring/Summer Wardrobe!

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