The Best Pizza Is..

Yeah It's Foodie Friday and on Sunday Ellen all treated the all the A- Listers to Pizza.

But on a serious side, the best pizza, I have ever eaten was this is ironic the Wolfgang Puck's Pizza. (Wolfgang Puck is the official cater to the Oscars)

His Veggie Pizza is awesome it is from a brick oven so the crust is crispy and the sauce is a delicious pesto with fresh veggies of tomato's, mushrooms of different kinds, artichokes, and I believe fontina cheese.

OK, so you can't hop a plane to LA, but right here in NYC the next best thing is...

Patsy's Pizza- Again from Brick Oven this is a more traditional style pizza with tomato sauce that you can see the basil leaves and oregano, with fresh made mozzarella cheese. Absolutely amazing!

So Ellen if you are ever in NYC have craft services order you a pizza from Patsy's!

Cheers to good pizza and Foodie Friday!

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