Back to Work: Back to Clean

Do you know most diseases are transmitted through a hand shake and poor hygiene.

I love to clean...

Here are some ways you can cut the germs and cut amount of colds one gets.

1. Everyone take off their shoes as they enter the home.

2. Take out the garbage everyday and spray can outside with an insect repellant.

3. Use Pine Sol Lavendar scent to mop and clean the bathroom at least once a month.

4. Everyday use Method products are they have the best hand soaps are always on sale at Target 3 for 8.00 and they have refills, plus it is environmentally safe.

5. Everyone who uses the toliet must swish afterwards, meaning they must use Anti Bacterial Toliet Cleaner with every use.

6. I clean my vanity everyday with Method Everyday Cleaner and at the end of the week with Method Glass Cleaner.

7. Have hardwood floors? Then Method cleaner for hardwood floors is the best as well. 2x a week for me!

Cheers to a clean home equals a clean body and mind!

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