Beauty Prep for Fall

Most people think that Fall is the time especially in the NE that you "fall" into lazy ways and not do your pedicure or skip the gym, and eat "heavy" because it is cold out.

For years I fell into that trap, which consisted of yo- yo dieting and bad eating habits.

However, here are ways in which you can stay beautiful and healthy all year round.

1. Use a scrub in the shower to exfoliate and a moisturizing body wash.

2. Use olive oil infused with lavendar seeds to seal in the moisture.

3. Drink lemon juice and hot water in the morning and in the evening to detox.

4. Sleep at least 8 hours a day.

5. Exfolitate everyday and use a face mask 2x a week. This does wonders to the face.

6. Let go of stress!! Stress ages a person, plus you gain weight.

Those are my 6 Beauty Prep Steps for the Fall.

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