Beauty Spot: August Picks

So we are headed to the end of the hot steamy days of summer, and here are our picks for August:

1. Sally Hensen: Gel Manicure Set
Everyone got the coupon and so did we, we bought the set color and top coat. I bought the gold metalllaic and it was great! It did last as long as a regular gel mani without the harsh LED lighting that does cause skin cancer. Great find!

2. AHAVA: Camamoille and Mudd Mask:
This product is great!  The mudd mask is amazing it draws out all the impurities and after one use I saw the difference. My skin glowing and I put the Anti- Acne serum on by Renew. The results are amazing!

3. Camamoille and Lavendar Tea:
Why would a tea be considered a beauty pick, we can tell if a person is healthy by their skin. This tea acts and as anti- inflamatory and stress reliver so when our body is calm on the inside, the less trouble not only for internal organs, but for our skin. Also chill the tea bags and use the for puffy eyes.

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