Everyone loves chocolate the French eat a piece every day.

So, when I had an opportunity to sample the best chocolate in the World in NYC, I jumped at it....Where you ask?

La Maison Du Chocolat in Manhattan's Upper East Side, near the Whitney and the Met.

This location has a tasting room, where we learned and feasted.

My favorite chocolate was a lemon infused chocolate and the passion fruit
macaroon was excellent, in between sips of water or tea or coffee, the conversation was pleasant and light.

It was a summer afternoon in NYC,  with a great crowd and Chocolate.

When you thought you couldn't eat anymore the host showed us how to make ganache, totally sinful and the consistency of a pudding. Plus, she gave us the recipe for ganache.

One Word of caution, you should only have half bites and you can't eat all of the tasting.

But, they do allow you to take home any unfinished samples and they provided all of us with a goodie bag.

My besties are all getting holiday gifts from La Maison du Chocolat.

Also, they have a great chocolate and raspberry cake that would be perfect for any special occassion.

Cheers to a bit of Paris in NYC!

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