Foodie Friday: European Inspired Tapas Party

Every week in the Hamptons someone is having a party somewhere.

After you have been to a few, you are suppose have one before the season ends in mid- Sept.

This is what we came up after our travels:

1. Leek and Goat Cheese Tartlet--France

2. Gravlax Smoked Salmon on Toast Points-- Sweden

3. Fig and Proscioutto Flatbread with Balsamic Reduction on a Crispy Flatbread- Italy

4. Lamb Burger Sliders with Garlic Yogurt Sauce- Greece

5. Mushroom Ragu Tartlet--France

Beverage--- Champagne

Dessert--Crispy Waffle with fresh berry compote or fresh peach and apricot compote.--Belgium

Cheers to a great European Tapas party out East!

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