Quick Pick Me Up!

Okay we all know that if you need to change your brain you should start to  exercise, this is a sure fire way to get those endorphins going.

However, after that run or walk you should every two weeks, treat yourself, to a hair pin, earrings, something that you can wear on that walk or run.

I know I bought a purple flower, with deep purple nail polish and put on my gear and went for a walk.

When, I went to the grocery store, I put on a black tee with black jeans and put on long Chandler earrings, which were irrescendent, and a statement necklace I got those 50 percent off H&M.

My point we all go through life's major disappointments, but the key is to NOT get stuck and keep it moving and look great in the meantime, without going broke!

Thanks to H&M and a ten dollar pick me Up!

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