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Homemade Junk Food

Growing up every Friday was Mom's night off and we had Chinese, Hamburgers, Pizza, etc.

Now with the caution of what we put into our body, I do junk food night for my nieces and nephews.

They love Mexican so here's my take on homemade Junk Food

Pork Shoulder Marinade
Marinade blend:
3 rehydrated chipolte pepers
3 Tablespoons Cumin
Tons of Garlic
Green peppers
Olive oil
Blend well until a thick paste and marinade it for a week, so if you bought it on Sunday, it will be ready for Friday.

Slow cook the pork until skin is crispy rule of thumb for every pound of pork it takes one hour to cook. 5 pounds of slow cooking is great, another Mark Bittman book.

While pork is cooking, make rice with finely diced cilantro, black beans or pinto beans, freshly grated cheddar, and burrito wraps.

Allow pork to cool and chop it up and have the kids build there own burrito, it is a lot cheaper and fresh and natural is always a good thing.

The fun thing is having the kids come over for &quo…

The Next Big Thing in Shoes

Unless you are in a car and have to make an appearance or go to the ballet and opera or a meeting.

The next big thing in shoes are the resurgence of the comfort shoe.

The comfort shoe use to have a bad reputation for being ugly and for seniors, not today!

Brands such as Aeropostale and Clarks have made a come back in the shoe wear market in a big way.

The Clarks flat that I bought are in Black Croc and feel as though I am walking on air, especially when pounding the hard pavements.

Clarks also have high heel dress booties that go well, with leather pants, a sequin tank and a leather jacket.

Aeropostale has an amazing selection of shooties, booties, and boots all great styles, yet so easy on the feet.

It wasn't until last year, wear the leather on my Aeropostale wedges turn from black to brown that I had to throw those out, but my two year investment had me walking all over the world literally, but not at the scarifice of looking fab.

Of course when I do need to wear a Manolo I do …

Reasons to Eat Local and Seasonal

Among foodies there is a big push to eat local and seasonal. However, what does that mean?

When I was at dinner the other day with a couple from New Mexico, they talked about the seafood restaurant made everyone sick because the seafood was delayed and often served to customers when the product was bad.

They told me that many land locked states such as New Mexico and Colorado have this problem.

So I read a book by Mark Bittman years ago that stressed the importance of eating locally and fresh and farm to table.

I noticed my weight and skin out of whack this year, as I began to eat less processed food and shop at local farmers market, the weight began to fall off , skin cleared and moods improved greatly.

Also, it is less expensive to eat local and seasonal. This month in terms of sweets apples and pumpkins are in season so apple brown betty, apple turnovers, apple spice cake, baked apples with local honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla, etc. Same for pumpkins...

So every state has loc…

The Millionaire Landscaper

In the 90's there was a great business book called the Millionaire Next Door, which showed how through frugality and hard work your average neighbor was a millionaire.

Many people believe that is there education and more prestigious the education the better, until the 2008 market crash, where many Ivy League grad were out of jobs and on unemployment lines and some still haven't found jobs to cover the high debt of the education.

So what does one do in this economy?

Go back to old fashion skills, the landscapers in my community are multi- millionaires, just speaking with one of them who was cutting down a my neighbors tree, he told me that he and his brothers are college grads, however the decided to build upon the landscaping business that their father started.

Cosmetology is a trillion dollar industry however many people and salons are not licensed, this provides a great opportunity for people who love to make others look good to go back to school which is 1/8 the cost of a 4…

It's All About the Beverly Hills/ L.A. Glam Look

As NY Fashion Week concluded we look toward the Hills of L.A. and our friends at Creativ PR have a wonderful selection of Ultra Glam to Street Style clothes and accessories.

You can find headpieces, bejeweled belts, latex bodysuits, and ball gowns for Awards Season  all under one roof, in there amazing 2,000 square ft. showroom in Los Angeles, it is in partnership with Fashion Climaxx and the pieces are handled by an excellent conceirge staff and it is by appointment only, so ladies contact your girlfriend and have the champagne waiting you are in for an amazing experience!

It is what we call L.A. Glam and the things are amazing!

Yes if you need that statement bag to wear on an interview, or if you need an evening bag for a charity gala, Creativ as it all with amazing designers who showcased at NY Fashion Week such as Adolfo Sanchez.

Enough of the talk here is the link to the site happy shopping and tell Alexander that Positivexpert sent you!

Here is the link…

How to Dress Parisian Chic

The best contemporary designer is Catherine Maladrino, who once said that  " Parisian are and will be the best dressed."

So how do you dress Parisian Chic:

1. Staples: A Well Fitted Shapeware, Parisian Women are notorious for having great lines or shilouttes.

2. Black, White and Red are wonderful colors that work well with any skin tone.

My favorite is a black and white dress that I have that is black with a white stripe along the side and a white cutout sweater that I have with black pumps.

The red are my accessories- bag, nailpolish or classic Chanel red lipstick

3. Many women wear black pants with a white, nude, or pink silk blouse and pearls or stud earrings while conducting business.

4. A night out on the own many Parisians still believe in going formal, with formal gowns, and cocktail dresses, and tailored suits for the men.

You will never find a French businessman in khakis while conducting business. Again everything is well tailored and the majority of French men sti…

The Luxe in Luxury

After reading this issue of Forbes with the President of Hermes, everyone wants to know the secret
to the Hermes family and there stronghold on the luxury market. As the President of Hermes said "it is craftmanship."

Which is so true my first time ever wearing my Gucci gray shoes, which was heavenly, it felt like butter, the leather was perfectly crafted to fit my feet, it was lined in mohair, the craftmanship was amazing.

When angel financiers and venture capitalists to invest in a luxury business, they should invest the craftmanship in the product of the  are looking to break into the "luxury" market they should visit any Hermes store in the world.

Many designers want to give you luxury but not the workmanship nor the dedication that goes into every product that certain designers craft and the in store treatment.

So there is the secret to the LUXE in luxury.


Delicious Fall Treat: Herbed Goat Cheese and Orange Marmalade

Ok, for the past couple of days, I have fell in love with this amazing breakfast treat.

1. Toast an English Muffin
2. Take soften goat chesse mix in herbs such as thyme and chives
3. Spread the goat cheese and herb mixture on the toasted English Muffin
4. Then take a dollop of orange marmalade and spread on top of the herbed goat cheese and English Muffin.

Have with lemon tea, an amazing way to start the day or serve for brunch!

Cheers to a wonderful and healthy treat!

DEluxe Edition

We do a major overview of the luxury market to find the best in the world.

Facial Products:
La Mer--The eye and night creams are wonderful
SK-II-- The masks are a weekly ritual

Travel Destinations:
The South of France: Amazing views and wonderful people, Grange is a must go to in terms of fragrance creations.

Lake Lucerne, Switerland: This destination is magical and has all the beauty in the world. The Swiss are world class in hospitality and for spa treaments. One caveat two languages are spoken in Switzerland: French and German.

The Best Hot Chocolate:
1. William Sonoma
2. Godiva
3. La Maision Du Chocolat
William Sonoma is the best because it is rich with out it be ultra filling.

The Best Sea Food:
Any four star hotel on the Greek Isles, this is the best fish in the world and the preparation of kalmata olives and olive oil is delicious.

The Best Place for Night Life:
It depends of course in the U.S. is NYC or L.A. South America it is Rio where they take the party to the beach and play instruments…

Beauty Spot: DIY Hair Mask

We all want thick flowing locks, but some of us need help in this department. Some of us have dry brittle hair from over processing from color.

Here is a hair mask that will bring luster into those locks of yours.

1. One ripe avacado
2. 3 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil
3. 3 Tablespoons of Olive Oil

Hand blend all the ingredients until a thick consistency. Apply liberally to damp, shampooed hair after you applied to hair, then wrap hair with a hot towel for 20 min.

Rinse hair throughly, if hair is too greasy rinse with apple cider vinegar.

You will see a difference within a month.

That's our Beauty Spot: DIY Hair Mask

Tuesday's Fashion Fix: Furs and Leather

The NYFW continues as we see the stores fill with faux furs and real furs and faux leather and real leather.

The good thing about faux leather is that they are light weight so they make great Midi skirts, jeggings, and even jumpsuits. The bad thing is synthetic materials are highly flamable so don't go wearing your leather jeggings and cashmere sweater to your alma matter's bonfire, less your hide will be in up in smoke.

I love fur it is so glamorous and just old world style. Think 1960's ladies in evening gowns, pearls, and white gloves with their mink stoles wrapped around their arms.

The designer who works the best in all types of fur is, think meeting your hubby in one of his furs with diamond chandler earrings from and black patent leather Christian Loubtin heels, with red nail polish and red lips.

Oh, and of course underneath lingerie from Just pull up in an old world limo and he will go bizerk!!

But for those who want a night of c…

Job Search while Still Being a Fashionista

Recruiting Season is under way and most employers are more conservative now than ever.

So what to do when you LOVE fashion, but are up for a corporate job.

Traditional dark suits are still a staple, with pearl studs, and close toe high heel shoes.

Nix the nail art the glitter even if you are interviewing in fashion, they don't want to see that at all.

However, you can still wear a colorful scarf that you can take off when you get to the interview.

Nail polish is all about the NUDES this year in pale pink, pale taupe, and even pale liliac, you can get away with that as well.

You can get away with a structured bag, but be careful if someone knows that you are out of work for a while, don't show up with the latest Channel or Berkin bag, red flaggs will go up with HR.

You can find a great structure bag from Target in classic black with gold hardware for under 50.00.

Ladies no cleavage, and make certain that all skirts are knee length.

Classic shoulder length hair never went out of…

Foodie Friday :Chicken and Waffles on a Stick

We all heard of corn dogs, anyone who has been to the country fair knows about goodness on a Stick.

Well how about chicken and waffles?

Take marinade chicken
Skewer it  and par grill it.
Dip the chicken into pancake batter, flavored with maple syrup.
Grill as you would a regular waffle
Until well done.

Serve with maple mustard
Cheers to Chicken and Waffles!

Beauty Spot: Day Four: Minimize Toxic Beauty Products

Most beauty products have some level of toxic ingredients, we found ways you can drastically cut the toxins.

1. Go back to the old crayon type of eyeliner, so what it runs, but having  24 hour liquid eyeliner that goes into your pores and blood stream not good.

2. Use organic based products more fréquently.

3. Buy all beauty products in person at the store this way you can physically see if the nailpolish has seperated. Also stores have certain liscensing agreements with the products and can not sell any expired, counterfit products.

4. Do not wear a full face of make up everyday. This ages the skin and again allows toxins to get into the blood stream.

5. If you can't find a long lasting mineral based lip color put a mineral based
product on first then apply a pigment color. It gives a longer lasting look and again you are minimizing toxins.

6. Remember you can get away with mascara and nail polish because they are not absorbed into the blood stream.

Cheers to looking great without the …

Beauty Spot: Day Three : Eyes Are the Keys to the Soul

You have a date with someone who you consider a potential contender.
Men notice everything they just dont say things unless something is outrageous.

So how do you get a guy to really remember you?

The eyes... If you have blue or green eyes then use mascara, subtle lashes, and liquid eye shadow in blue, this look makes this color hue pop.

If you have Long dark brown or reddish hair and dark eyes then, black eyeliner with liquid eyeliner in gold, this compliements the darker hues and gives a much needed pop to the eyes and it softens them up.

For all eye colors to give an edge then use a black metallic liquid eye color. It works well and keeps you remembered.

Of course apply eye make up on last to minimize they amount of time you have the product on your skin
Cheers to keeping your eyes as the center of the soul and his heart!

Beauty Spot: Day Two: Organix Products

Organix Products for the hair are some of the most luxurious products for your hair without a lot of suffilites and parabens.

Here are my recommendations:
Aragan Shampoo and Conditioner
Then the anti frizz coconut milk serum
To finish your hair care regimen
Coconut shine
All four products will do wonders for your hair and not bad for your pocketbook.
Cheers to fab hair!!

Beauty Spot: Day One: Au Natural

It is beauty week... We tried and tested some of our favorites and here are our results...

Ok, so now we know the skin of avacados work wonders for dry skin, and olive oil is a go to for mani/pedi.
These two weeks we are trying
Yes to Body Wash, from the makers of Yes to Carrots products.
Pacifica All Natural lip gloss.
If you want the au natural look with lashes, this is the lip gloss you should try.
The body wash smells great and rinses off very clean. It is great for you and your boyfriend.
Cheers to this week's beauty picks!