Beauty Spot: Day Four: Minimize Toxic Beauty Products

Most beauty products have some level of toxic ingredients, we found ways you can drastically cut the toxins.

1. Go back to the old crayon type of eyeliner, so what it runs, but having  24 hour liquid eyeliner that goes into your pores and blood stream not good.

2. Use organic based products more fréquently.

3. Buy all beauty products in person at the store this way you can physically see if the nailpolish has seperated. Also stores have certain liscensing agreements with the products and can not sell any expired, counterfit products.

4. Do not wear a full face of make up everyday. This ages the skin and again allows toxins to get into the blood stream.

5. If you can't find a long lasting mineral based lip color put a mineral based
product on first then apply a pigment color. It gives a longer lasting look and again you are minimizing toxins.

6. Remember you can get away with mascara and nail polish because they are not absorbed into the blood stream.

Cheers to looking great without the toxins!

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