Beauty Spot: Day Three : Eyes Are the Keys to the Soul

You have a date with someone who you consider a potential contender.
Men notice everything they just dont say things unless something is outrageous.

So how do you get a guy to really remember you?

The eyes... If you have blue or green eyes then use mascara, subtle lashes, and liquid eye shadow in blue, this look makes this color hue pop.

If you have Long dark brown or reddish hair and dark eyes then, black eyeliner with liquid eyeliner in gold, this compliements the darker hues and gives a much needed pop to the eyes and it softens them up.
For all eye colors to give an edge then use a black metallic liquid eye color. It works well and keeps you remembered.

Of course apply eye make up on last to minimize they amount of time you have the product on your skin
Cheers to keeping your eyes as the center of the soul and his heart!

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