Homemade Junk Food

Growing up every Friday was Mom's night off and we had Chinese, Hamburgers, Pizza, etc.

Now with the caution of what we put into our body, I do junk food night for my nieces and nephews.

They love Mexican so here's my take on homemade Junk Food

Pork Shoulder Marinade
Marinade blend:
3 rehydrated chipolte pepers
3 Tablespoons Cumin
Tons of Garlic
Green peppers
Olive oil
Blend well until a thick paste and marinade it for a week, so if you bought it on Sunday, it will be ready for Friday.

Slow cook the pork until skin is crispy rule of thumb for every pound of pork it takes one hour to cook. 5 pounds of slow cooking is great, another Mark Bittman book.

While pork is cooking, make rice with finely diced cilantro, black beans or pinto beans, freshly grated cheddar, and burrito wraps.

Allow pork to cool and chop it up and have the kids build there own burrito, it is a lot cheaper and fresh and natural is always a good thing.

The fun thing is having the kids come over for "restaurant night" they would never know the difference.

Cheers to Homemade Junk Food!

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