How to Dress Parisian Chic

The best contemporary designer is Catherine Maladrino, who once said that  " Parisian are and will be the best dressed."

So how do you dress Parisian Chic:

1. Staples: A Well Fitted Shapeware, Parisian Women are notorious for having great lines or shilouttes.

2. Black, White and Red are wonderful colors that work well with any skin tone.

My favorite is a black and white dress that I have that is black with a white stripe along the side and a white cutout sweater that I have with black pumps.

The red are my accessories- bag, nailpolish or classic Chanel red lipstick

3. Many women wear black pants with a white, nude, or pink silk blouse and pearls or stud earrings while conducting business.

4. A night out on the own many Parisians still believe in going formal, with formal gowns, and cocktail dresses, and tailored suits for the men.

You will never find a French businessman in khakis while conducting business. Again everything is well tailored and the majority of French men still use french cuffs and cuff links another sign of class and elegance.

Bon jour to Parisian Chic!

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