It's All About the Beverly Hills/ L.A. Glam Look

As NY Fashion Week concluded we look toward the Hills of L.A. and our friends at Creativ PR have a wonderful selection of Ultra Glam to Street Style clothes and accessories.

You can find headpieces, bejeweled belts, latex bodysuits, and ball gowns for Awards Season  all under one roof, in there amazing 2,000 square ft. showroom in Los Angeles, it is in partnership with Fashion Climaxx and the pieces are handled by an excellent conceirge staff and it is by appointment only, so ladies contact your girlfriend and have the champagne waiting you are in for an amazing experience!

It is what we call L.A. Glam and the things are amazing!

Yes if you need that statement bag to wear on an interview, or if you need an evening bag for a charity gala, Creativ as it all with amazing designers who showcased at NY Fashion Week such as Adolfo Sanchez.

Enough of the talk here is the link to the site happy shopping and tell Alexander that Positivexpert sent you!

Here is the link .

Cheers to the latest in L.A. Glam!

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