The Luxe in Luxury

After reading this issue of Forbes with the President of Hermes, everyone wants to know the secret
to the Hermes family and there stronghold on the luxury market. As the President of Hermes said "it is craftmanship."

Which is so true my first time ever wearing my Gucci gray shoes, which was heavenly, it felt like butter, the leather was perfectly crafted to fit my feet, it was lined in mohair, the craftmanship was amazing.

When angel financiers and venture capitalists to invest in a luxury business, they should invest the craftmanship in the product of the  are looking to break into the "luxury" market they should visit any Hermes store in the world.

Many designers want to give you luxury but not the workmanship nor the dedication that goes into every product that certain designers craft and the in store treatment.

So there is the secret to the LUXE in luxury.


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