The Millionaire Landscaper

In the 90's there was a great business book called the Millionaire Next Door, which showed how through frugality and hard work your average neighbor was a millionaire.

Many people believe that is there education and more prestigious the education the better, until the 2008 market crash, where many Ivy League grad were out of jobs and on unemployment lines and some still haven't found jobs to cover the high debt of the education.

So what does one do in this economy?

Go back to old fashion skills, the landscapers in my community are multi- millionaires, just speaking with one of them who was cutting down a my neighbors tree, he told me that he and his brothers are college grads, however the decided to build upon the landscaping business that their father started.

Cosmetology is a trillion dollar industry however many people and salons are not licensed, this provides a great opportunity for people who love to make others look good to go back to school which is 1/8 the cost of a 4 year degree and get licensed and make others look great and charge a premium because of their skills are in high demand and meet with sanitary compliance standards.

Everyone loves fashion, but not that many people can design, sketch, drape, etc. However, many designers are in great need of pattern makers, people who can make patterns and tailor for the designers, I did meet a couple who live in a Long Island mansion and have a home in the Hamptons, that is fully paid and yes they are pattern makers.

Housecleaning, very few people can do this job and love it completely; however I do know of a local house cleaning business who does all the homes on the Gold Coast of Long Island and trains housekeeping staff at major hotels how to clean. He is another millionaire next door.

Ettiquette- Many people are extremely rude these days; however The Emily Post Institute will train any organization or individual on the proper way to conduct themselves in any situation. If you share a love for ettiquette they will train you as well and yes you can teach anyone how to not lose a multi-million dollar business contract because of poor behavior.

Food Styling- Everyone knows Emeril and the Iron Chefs, however many people make a great living as a food stylist, which is someone who will set up tablescape for a magazine shoot, they also work with event planners to choose linens, and decor for all types of events. They also make a pretty penny as well.

So when you are looking for that next career move or if your child comes to you and does not want to go the traditional college route, these are careers that will land him or you in the millionaire status.

Cheers to $$$$!

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