The Next Big Thing in Shoes

Unless you are in a car and have to make an appearance or go to the ballet and opera or a meeting.

The next big thing in shoes are the resurgence of the comfort shoe.

The comfort shoe use to have a bad reputation for being ugly and for seniors, not today!

Brands such as Aeropostale and Clarks have made a come back in the shoe wear market in a big way.

The Clarks flat that I bought are in Black Croc and feel as though I am walking on air, especially when pounding the hard pavements.

Clarks also have high heel dress booties that go well, with leather pants, a sequin tank and a leather jacket.

Aeropostale has an amazing selection of shooties, booties, and boots all great styles, yet so easy on the feet.

It wasn't until last year, wear the leather on my Aeropostale wedges turn from black to brown that I had to throw those out, but my two year investment had me walking all over the world literally, but not at the scarifice of looking fab.

Of course when I do need to wear a Manolo I do but I am not in them for more than 3 hours, then it is pedicure bath time.

Cheers to the high fashion of comfort!

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