Tuesday's Fashion Fix: Furs and Leather

The NYFW continues as we see the stores fill with faux furs and real furs and faux leather and real leather.

The good thing about faux leather is that they are light weight so they make great Midi skirts, jeggings, and even jumpsuits. The bad thing is synthetic materials are highly flamable so don't go wearing your leather jeggings and cashmere sweater to your alma matter's bonfire, less your hide will be in up in smoke.

I love fur it is so glamorous and just old world style. Think 1960's ladies in evening gowns, pearls, and white gloves with their mink stoles wrapped around their arms.

The designer who works the best in all types of fur is dennisbaso.com, think meeting your hubby in one of his furs with diamond chandler earrings from Tiffanys.com and black patent leather Christian Loubtin heels, with red nail polish and red lips.

Oh, and of course underneath lingerie from laperla.com. Just pull up in an old world limo and he will go bizerk!!

But for those who want a night of clubbing with our girlfriends then the awesome faux fur that H&M has a the faux fur vest from the Jennifer Lopez collection is pretty amazing as well.

That's Tuesday's fashion fix!

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