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Holiday Scents: Talbots, LaVie Est Belle

So you are going to holiday events day and night, you have the perfect outfit and makeup but the scent is as important.

Romantic floral perfect for daytime events.

La Vie Est Belle--By Lancôme
This is scent is amazing a little heavier with tuberose scents great for winter evenings amazing scent.

Desire by Dolce and Gabanna
The potion in the black bottle this scent would make any man fall over you and give you a ring.
I can't describe the scent only to say that is amazing.

Cheers to the scents that will light up any holiday occasion.

Beauty Spot: Lotions for the Winter, Deep Purple Lip

We are in the Northeast are in the midst of cold weather.

Which means that our skin dries out faster and quicker.

This product is amazing, SkinFix it is dermatologist recommended and it is all natural and steroid free, which is designed to treat dry cracked skin and eczema. Highly recommend this product for all over body use.

How to achieve the Deep Purple Lip, the deep purple lip has many looking goth or circa 1990's when women would use dark lipstick to make their teeth look white.

Take any dark purple lipstick matte of course, and brighten it up with a pink lip gloss my favorite is Nars Priscilla.

This makes anyone look less severe and more brighter.

So, if you need to achieve that look then by all means this is the way to go.

Cheers to Skin Fix and achieving the perfect Deep Purple Lip!

Holiday Looks: Purple, Blues, and Whites

The holiday season is officially amongst us and boy are we excited!

Here are some helpful hints about what to wear when:

Hosting a Holiday Party with your Boyfriend or Hubby:

More than likely you will have to do this one day, these are elegant classics:
1. Pink Lace Blouse with a long black velvet skirt, pearl earrings and black pumps.
2. White Pant Suit with a silver tank top with diamond studs.

Going to a Holiday Party or Concert:

Blue and Purple Velvet or velour tops with black flares work well.
Accessories are sapphires and amythest jewels.

Office Parties:
Simple black dress that covers everything, with pearl earrings.

Please no red, green or gold, you don't want to be mistaken for a Christmas wreath.

Cheers to Holiday Fashions!

Beauty Spot: Ponds and Simple and Clarins

Beauty Spot:

We are on the party circuit in NYC with galas and holiday gatherings. It can be very harsh on the face, so what are ladies to do?

I discovered a couple of products that are great!

1. Ponds--Cleansing Cloths it is actually make up removal that if you have been out late and don't feel like exfoliating then this is the next best thing.

2. Simple Facial Scrub- This product came from our counter parts across the pond in London. It is paraben free use it MWF and it is amazing and adds moisture to your skin.

3. Clarins- Super Restorative Night Cream this is a liquid face lift I think. It is amazing it adds moisture and elasticity back into the skin, it was actually formulated in Paris by a Parisian doctor in WWI to heal soldiers from war wounds.

Cheers to holiday partying without it taking a toll on your skin!

Book Report: Love, Lashes and Lipstick

We are returning to our book reports:

Since we are gearing up for the holidays it is only fitting that we review a beauty book, Love, Lashes and Lipstick my secrets for a gorgeous, happy life by Mally Roncal.

This is one of the best books of the year, and one of my favorite books because it isn't about excessive name dropping, born into fame and money or about telling all of your bedroom secrets.

Mally Roncal's book tells of a highly successful business woman, who had to find her way to success through trial and error, heartache and such a strong belief in God that she literally moved mountains, yet stayed true to herself.

Mally Roncal is the QVC beauty guru with her own makeup line that has sold out within minutes, however her love of beauty and makeup began with her late mother, who was a doctor yet was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was one. Her mother and made sure she packed Mally with all the love and adventure and special trips to the Saks beauty counter.

Which h…

Fashion Group International

What should we look forward to in the stores this Spring/Summer 2015?
Yesterday, I attended the Fashion Group International Spring Summer 2015
presentation.The experts Ken Dowling the Creative Director of Nieman Marcus, Jennifer Jaffe of Bloomingdales, a Fashion Editor from In Style Magazine and a Beauty Editor from W Magazine all gave what they saw at all 177 shows they attended globally for Fashion Month.Beauty:
Hair is all about the wet look. Just walked out of shower no blow drying look. Next is the braid to the side and lightly tussled. The bun being hold with a fishnet is popular. Custom wigs also is a big thing.
Forget the Pixie and embarce long locks.
Make Up
The Nude non Make Up look and the dewy look is going to be key.
Cat Eyes are still with liquid eyeliner.
Rainbow Eyes are also big.Fashion:
The theme for most designers is fantasy. As Ken Dowling put it the world is in such an upheaval many designers want to bring back the era of the 70's. Where life was carefree and…

No Excuses to Achieve Your Dreams

You know there is a lot of chatter about inequality and not being on a level playing field.However, if you are the best in your field, you would be greatly compensated.Here are some resources to help you get to wear you think you should be:
1. Launching your own clothing line?
Mood Fabrics in NY and LA have free classes.
2. FIT has nominal fee online classes.
3. Code Liberation has free coding and game design workshops.
4. Aveda Institute has courses for programs in cosmetology and you can receive Federal student loans.
5. American Express OPEN has an all day women entrenprenuership Forum, where the experts in the field would walk you through how to start and run your own business.
6. There are career fairs specifically for people who are returning to the workforce and those who are making career transitions.
Check out Levo League, the Forte Foundation, and Catalyst.
7. Also, take an hour out of your day and check the Eventbrite and networking and classes in your area.People pay peopl…

Foodie Friday

Holiday DipsHoliday parties are among us and eventually, you will be hosting something.Here is our take on dips:Herbed Cream Cheese
Soften one package of cream cheese
Add fresh chives and thyme
Blend well.
Serve chilled with crackers or flatbread.Chioplte Dip
1. One container of Plain  Greek yogurt
2. 3 Tablespoons of Chioplte Seasoning
Blend well and served chilled.Mediterrean Dip
1. 1/4 pound chopped Kalamata olives.
2. Fresh Taragon chopped finely
3. Plain Greek yogurt
Blend well and serve with focaccia bread Cheers to your holiday dips!

Baking 101

So, I decided I eat way too much processed foods. And it looks like another Polar Vortex is heading our way East, which mean hot and hearty foods.My residental grocery store just brought in a huge shipment of produce from the farms out East.So, I decided to load up on the four different squashes, dried beans,  carrots, curries, and baking productsWhy baking products?
I am learning how to bake, the more I take control of what I put into my mouth, the more likely I am to stave off diseases.So, I am making everything from scratch including bread, pies, and cookies. I know two years ago I was promoting everything canned and processed foods from the best shops around. However, as my waist line grew, and I see how my Dad has gone through so much with diabetes, heart disease and dementia, which is all directly tied into diet.I think it is time that I take control of what I put into my mouth and body. No being a size 0 is not my goal, but being healthy and happy and not having to take meds i…

Holiday Host Gifts

Many people are starting to get invites to holiday parties. So what do you give. Many single Men now host holiday parties, so the standard flowers are not going to cut it.Here are elegant Gifts any man would appreciate.
1. Art of Shaving Spa Gift Certificates.
2. Cuff links are making a huge comeback, Brooks Brothers are a favorite of mine.
3. Cashmere throw for his den, living room, or bed.
4. Gift certificate to Whole Foods.
5.Alcohol--Whisky, Burbon, and Scotch are all huge right now.
6. Crystal Glassware Old Fashion glasses, etc.Cheers for the male host in your life!

Foodie Friday :Margarita Pork Chops

Ok, you are wondering what is Margarita Pork Chops.We just took the elements from a Margarita.1. Limes
2. Himalyan SaltSeason the chops with those elements, cook till well done with onions.What is the sweet?
Ripe plantains that are fried a little burnt and the caramelization is wonderful.Cheers to Margarita Pork Chops!

Todays Beauty Spot

So this week we are examing drugstore brands. We had a coupon for Rimmel London we bought there lip gloss in Hot Pink and Revlon's liquid eyeliner and shadow in one.The Rimmel London didn't need many reapplications at all. In fact it was better than luxury brands.Also, the Revlon liquid Eye Make Up in bronze, was amazing, it held up though out the Night.So two excellent store brands that really shocked us in terms of quality and realability.Cheers to this week's Beauty Spot!

Book Reports

Ok, we are gearing up for the Random House event, next week and we thought;
we would share with you our favorites.Self Help Section
The Four Agreements
Don Miguel RuizMans Search for Meaning
Vicktor FrankelFiction
The Night at Chateau Mostrand
Lauren Weisberg
Funny I have read all of her books except the Devil Wears Parda.The First and Second Assistant
This book is so funny, but from what we heard true.And Then It Came to an End
Joshua Ferrís
This book is a masterpiece and I am surprised it was not adapted into a movie.You Got My Number
Sophia Kinsella
So funny and almost realistic, it could happen to anyone.There are our picks, but if you want the most recent releases then join us next week at the Random House Open House.Cheers to good reading!

Holiday Season Time to Stock Up at the Drug Store

No, it is not that kind of drugstore run, but now that the holidays are in three weeks.We found great deals for your home at a drugstore.We got great deals on toliet paper, facial tissue, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, paper goods.If you use your rewards cards, plus manufacturers coupons, you can save close to 30.00, like we did with holiday baking, guests coming over paper goods can add up and add up quickly.The key to bigger savings in going into the city for these items where the majority of people order these ítems online.Key savings, residential neighborhoods everyone goes to CVS or those chain stores and supplies diminish very quickly.Cheers to tons of savings on holiday paper goods.