Baking 101

So, I decided I eat way too much processed foods. And it looks like another Polar Vortex is heading our way East, which mean hot and hearty foods.

My residental grocery store just brought in a huge shipment of produce from the farms out East.

So, I decided to load up on the four different squashes, dried beans,  carrots, curries, and baking products

Why baking products?
I am learning how to bake, the more I take control of what I put into my mouth, the more likely I am to stave off diseases.

So, I am making everything from scratch including bread, pies, and cookies.

I know two years ago I was promoting everything canned and processed foods from the best shops around. However, as my waist line grew, and I see how my Dad has gone through so much with diabetes, heart disease and dementia, which is all directly tied into diet.

I think it is time that I take control of what I put into my mouth and body. No being a size 0 is not my goal, but being healthy and happy and not having to take meds in my later years is what I am aiming to archive.

So, l am learning the basics, which is Bread dough, then by the time Christmas comes I will take on the cookies and cakes for the Holidays.

Cheers to Baking 101!

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