Book Report: Love, Lashes and Lipstick

We are returning to our book reports:

Since we are gearing up for the holidays it is only fitting that we review a beauty book, Love, Lashes and Lipstick my secrets for a gorgeous, happy life by Mally Roncal.

This is one of the best books of the year, and one of my favorite books because it isn't about excessive name dropping, born into fame and money or about telling all of your bedroom secrets.

Mally Roncal's book tells of a highly successful business woman, who had to find her way to success through trial and error, heartache and such a strong belief in God that she literally moved mountains, yet stayed true to herself.

Mally Roncal is the QVC beauty guru with her own makeup line that has sold out within minutes, however her love of beauty and makeup began with her late mother, who was a doctor yet was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was one. Her mother and made sure she packed Mally with all the love and adventure and special trips to the Saks beauty counter.

Which had Mally hooked on transforming women through makeup to their most highest form of beauty. Mally's mother unfortunately lost her battle with cancer when Mally was 17; however did not get stuck in the grief of her mother's loss. Like many of us Mally through trial and error found her true calling in beauty and being a make up artist.

This book takes you on a journey of not simplistic over night success, but one of being true to yourself even if you have bleached blonde hair and long airbrushed nails and a person who likes to greet everyone with a hug, but it is about focus, arriving early, being prepared learning to take every opportunity, and learning when you should refocus your career goals.

Another amazing point is that she found love when she wasn't looking and has been with her husband for over 18 years. For all those who believe in soul mates and the power of attracting people who is perfect for you her story will amaze about how she met her husband will inspire everyone who believes in old fashion romance.

Ok, I know does she give beauty advice, she does her advice is simple very ease to follow even how to get that famous smoky eye when she was breastfeeding one of twins she did her eye, which is a testament that you can't make excuses to allow yourself to "go" because you had a child or you something else happened.

Her tips especially using concealer and foundation with mascara and blue pink gloss is amazing! So when you are running errands that is something you can easily achieve and it makes you feel great in the process. Or there is the holiday glam look with lashes and touch of sparkle to the eye that makes any woman feel glamorous.

I highly recommend this book to woman, especially a young college age woman who is starting out in the workforce.

Cheers to buying 5 copies each of Love, Lashes, and Lipstick!

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