Book Reports

Ok, we are gearing up for the Random House event, next week and we thought;
we would share with you our favorites.

Self Help Section
The Four Agreements
Don Miguel Ruiz

Mans Search for Meaning
Vicktor Frankel

The Night at Chateau Mostrand
Lauren Weisberg
Funny I have read all of her books except the Devil Wears Parda.

The First and Second Assistant
This book is so funny, but from what we heard true.

And Then It Came to an End
Joshua Ferrís
This book is a masterpiece and I am surprised it was not adapted into a movie.

You Got My Number
Sophia Kinsella
So funny and almost realistic, it could happen to anyone.

There are our picks, but if you want the most recent releases then join us next week at the Random House Open House.

Cheers to good reading!

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