Fashion Group International

What should we look forward to in the stores this Spring/Summer 2015?
Yesterday, I attended the Fashion Group International Spring Summer 2015

The experts Ken Dowling the Creative Director of Nieman Marcus, Jennifer Jaffe of Bloomingdales, a Fashion Editor from In Style Magazine and a Beauty Editor from W Magazine all gave what they saw at all 177 shows they attended globally for Fashion Month.

Hair is all about the wet look. Just walked out of shower no blow drying look. Next is the braid to the side and lightly tussled. The bun being hold with a fishnet is popular. Custom wigs also is a big thing.
Forget the Pixie and embarce long locks.
Make Up
The Nude non Make Up look and the dewy look is going to be key.
Cat Eyes are still with liquid eyeliner.
Rainbow Eyes are also big.

The theme for most designers is fantasy. As Ken Dowling put it the world is in such an upheaval many designers want to bring back the era of the 70's. Where life was carefree and easy.
So we will see tie dyed maxi dresses, bold colors such as Orange, yellow, and pastel colors.
Denim are no longer for jeans, they will be in high waisted jeans, shirt tunics, denim skirts, and shirt dresses.
Shirts with clean lines showing the neck and collar bone. No crop tops or plunging v necklines.
Platform and high heels the better.
Embellished heels are also going to be hot.
And the mini bag and the mini bag on top of a larger bag, different trend.
So make an appointment with your favorite personal shopper a Bloomingdales and Nieman Marcus and let magic begin.

Cheers to Spring/Summer 2015!

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