Holiday Looks: Purple, Blues, and Whites

The holiday season is officially amongst us and boy are we excited!

Here are some helpful hints about what to wear when:

Hosting a Holiday Party with your Boyfriend or Hubby:

More than likely you will have to do this one day, these are elegant classics:
1. Pink Lace Blouse with a long black velvet skirt, pearl earrings and black pumps.
2. White Pant Suit with a silver tank top with diamond studs.

Going to a Holiday Party or Concert:

Blue and Purple Velvet or velour tops with black flares work well.
Accessories are sapphires and amythest jewels.

Office Parties:
Simple black dress that covers everything, with pearl earrings.

Please no red, green or gold, you don't want to be mistaken for a Christmas wreath.

Cheers to Holiday Fashions!

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