No Excuses to Achieve Your Dreams

You know there is a lot of chatter about inequality and not being on a level playing field.

However, if you are the best in your field, you would be greatly compensated.

Here are some resources to help you get to wear you think you should be:
1. Launching your own clothing line?
Mood Fabrics in NY and LA have free classes.
2. FIT has nominal fee online classes.
3. Code Liberation has free coding and game design workshops.
4. Aveda Institute has courses for programs in cosmetology and you can receive Federal student loans.
5. American Express OPEN has an all day women entrenprenuership Forum, where the experts in the field would walk you through how to start and run your own business.
6. There are career fairs specifically for people who are returning to the workforce and those who are making career transitions.
Check out Levo League, the Forte Foundation, and Catalyst.
7. Also, take an hour out of your day and check the Eventbrite and networking and classes in your area.

People pay people for their expertise the more qualfied you are and are good at what you do, the higher your paycheck.

Rise Above!!!

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