How a Fashionista Preps for NYFW

It is the last NYFW at Lincoln Center and everyone including designers are happy about that, the tents at Bryant Park was amazing another suggestion is the area around the Highline.

Anyway, here are ways in which a fashionista preps for NYFW:


1. Our skin must look flawless, especially our face because the likely of us being photographed in 90 percent likely.

My new regime:
1. The brand Simple from the UK is amazing, the face scrub is wonderful and that is what I use twice a day.

2.Moisturerizer coconut and olive oil right out of the shower.

3. Drink 1 gallon of lemon water. Detoxs the liver, yes you will have to bathroom, but your skin will look amazing!

4. Sleep, sleep and sleep... 8 hours of sleep every night does wonders for your skin.

5. Go to your doctor and get your vitamin shots!


1. Respond promptly to any and all invites.

2. Redesign business cards or update all professional information so people can easily follow up with you.

3. Invest in an unlimited data plan for your smart phone overage charges for basic plans are insane.

4. Let people know that the month of February you are unavailable so barring something horrible, here's a number to a therapist.(Side people think fashion is frivolous but it isn't at all, the shows are wonderful, but it is a BUSINESS.)

5. Invest in Crane's Stationery for follow up Thank You Notes.

1. Limit carbs and starches to one piece of whole grain bread.

2. Eat lean low fat protein.

3. Eat natural sugar--apples are wonderful and seasonal.

4. Exercise!


1. Pull looks that you can wear from day to night, with a simple change of earrings or statement necklace.

2. Go to your stylist now and have him/her give you looks that will compliment your natural features and is ease to maintain but will look great in photograph.

3. Get your jewels ready!

4. Stylish comfortable shoes!


1. Back up digital business cards that you print out on demand.

2. Hire a private car service for that week that can take you to and from the shows, pre and after show events as well as to your hotel or home.

3. Stock up on tons of mini hand sanitizers

4. Altoids

5. Re- revisit the bios and lines of everyone whose show you are invited to and have RSVPed.

6. 8 ball point pens and a pocket journal. Most people are very uncomfortable having people write on a Tablet during their show, besides it is rude.

7. Visualize and Mediate-- People get angry or seat you where you are not suppose to be, but it is Fashion, we are not brokering world peace or the balancing the budget have a sense of humor and keep it moving.

These are the real keys that NYFW pros use and newcomers as well.

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