Keep It Poppin!

We mean using light colors in the winter months if you live in other places other than the West Coast of this country.

Many New Yorkers are infamous for their "black" or black/white combos until March. Here is how you can brighten up your wardrobe and your life!

Color Infusion:
1. Light Blue turtlenecks work well with everything, especially over navy metallic and grays.

2. Pink with gray, black, wine gives anything look a fresh South Beach glow.

3. Sea foam sweaters are great way to shake things up for real.

Hair Accessories:
Be that Senorita with a flower in her hair!
You can go to a craft store and get a small flower and embellish it use it as hair accessory.
Headbands are great as well. Thick head bands with big bouffant hair is really amazing.
Baylage your hair from now. Go lighter and allow your skin to glow.

Beauty: Make-Up
My favorite cheek color is Amazon Clay Pink by tarte, amazing stay and it looks great on any skin tone.

Use liquid eye liner in different colors so for your light blue turtleneck outfit, then use a purple (deep violet) eyeliner which really makes your eyes pop and highlights the blue.

Lips you know my concealer trick on the lips with a shimmering nude lip gloss is wonderful.

No crackle or snowflakes on your nails please! Instead think of metallic nudes, pinks or lavender crème colors amazing!

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