Love the Love

Revlon just re launched there brand in Nov. and it was all about LOVE!

So why do we love it? Don't frown because it is a drug store brand.

Given, yesterday's article we had to find a brand that would support our case for light colors in the winter especially if you are not on the West Coast. Another good reason for us to spend money right??

First up!

1. Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy, in Sky's the Limit!
Amazing it is sky blue shimmer with a base coat built in, which is good because our Sally Hensen's Top Coat is still amazing. We love this along with a blue turtleneck and a gray sheepskin vest.

2. Revlon: Photoready Eye Art: Peach Prism
We love this because it gives us that make-up non make-up look with a bit of sophistication, so wonderful. There is a metallic element to it which works great if you are doing a black liner for the lid, then you give metallic a bit of the cat eye at the end.

3.Lips- The Hot Pink Gloss
It is so wonderful that they made this product because the gloss really gives you that airy look, remember the head band channel Brigdet Bardot.

Revlon we LOVE your rebranding, but we love your products even more....

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