The Best Reason to Shop Clearance Sales Online

Well, we were out and about in the stores and noticed something interesting.

The interesting thing with the tremendous mark downs 70 percent off, etc. we looked at the clothing further had the missing price tag, mmm, then one had make-up on it, mmm, then sweater which was clearly not a marled sweater was not in fact marled.

Having done our homework, we took to our apps and did our ordering, fashionistas must be prepared at all times.

When the merchandise came to us, what did we notice?

1. Every item was it in a sealed plastic bag.
2. The original price tag was on the item.
3. When we opened the merchandise, it did not look as though "Suzy" wore to the club last night and then returned the item, gross, gross.
4. The item was true to it's description, a marled sweater was a marled sweater, a tweed sweater was also tweed.

So, by now if you are not going to shop at the beginning of the season and wait for those "deals"
it is best you shop online, so what it gets to you a day late, but it would have arrived and you can be certain that you would not have a strange ailment, the next day.

Please, do not wear garments used and return them to merchandiser, and merchants destroy all clothing and beauty items you even suspect as being worn or use. At the end of the day Retailers can write it off as a loss.

Here's to being a good consumer and good retailer!

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