The Non- Celebrity Beauty Regimen

We read countless articles on how much A- list celeb's to look and maintain their bodies and healthy glow.

So we figure we would do what we could afford on a modified budget.

Skin Care:
80 percent of beauty is skin care and health non make-up that's what a leading dermatologists told us, we products, so when had there beauty event at there flagship store, this is what we bought.
1. Face Masks are so important and to have that all out glow, a box of 10 for 10 weeks to a healthy glow would do it.

2. Pietra essential toner, we bought some of that as well, which is amazing.

3. Moisturizing lotion- has the result of La Mer but a lot lighter on the skin.

4. We also bought a wrinkle cream which, who but again we are working on a modified budget so we are not going to get botox at a doctor.

5. Everyday, we have our exfoliator and our daily cream based wash.

6. Lotion- We have olive oil that we infused with lavender.

That covers skin care! But, what about diet?

Most docs will tell you:
1. Stay away from carbs especially white flour products check!
2. Vegan diet- trying really hard-But we made an awesome vegan chili
3. Spice it up with turmeric, cloves, curries, garlic, and onions.
4. Load up on veggies and citrus.
5. Cut out sweets- we are trying!

Suppose you can't get to your gym because of a snow storm?
Gilad to the rescue!

We decided to turn off the TV at 8:30 pm and sleep at 9:30 pm must get our 8 hours in, then we go to mediation as soon as awake, prayer for me.

We will let you know in 10 weeks how we did in our Non- Celebrity Beauty Regimen.

Celebs are germ phobic every day a week we are mopping our great room and our

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