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Keys to Stress Reduction

Did you ever feel so stressed out working on a particular project or even with a friend, that you want to abandoned the thing and go to sleep?Well, a good friend of mine gave me this Stress buster tip.1. Do an easy task first gives you energy.
2. Take a timer and set it to 15 minutes and do the most stressful task for
15 min. when the timer goes off stop it for that day.
3. Then do something enjoyable.
4. Go back to regular work schuedule.I have tried this and it does work.Cheers to being productive and getting things done!

Reducing Burn Rate Tip Sheet #3

Most investors want the bang for their buck and you can get a bad rap easy if you are not resourceful or show restraint.

This tip sheet will show you how to be as frugal and resourceful as possible before taking VC funding.

Information Gathering and Idea Testing as a person with an idea you should spend a min of 3 hours a day researching.

Are you qualified to bring your idea into fruition:
Investigate scholarships on skill- set upgrade
Legal, Technical, Basic Skills.

Are you going to trade show events.
Are you going to pitch events to determine market place needs and competition
Recreational events where investors will be more likely to attend.

Personal Downsizing:
Investors like well groomed people; however if you show up in the latest Gucci, Prada, dripping in Chopard diamonds then that sends red signals.

Start extreme couponing:
Women- Fast Causal Clothing Stores, in home mani/pedi at home blowouts
Research free insurance and food stamps programs, many farmers markets take …

Math and Science?

Many of my naturally gifted friends in math and science say that you need a  hard core math and physics background to succeed in the Digital enviornment and to know how to code.But, is this really true many computer coding programs are to me on the user friendly side.So why do you need a STEM Education?In order to have utlitity for your products or services STEM education, prepares you for the rigor of 5 step scientific method of questioning and testing a hypothesis in a control setting before bringing it to market.Or in social sciences you need to have a thesis and know how to use data sets to determine consumer behavior, this is  done in stats, which is the base of marketing.So yes STEM or what was basic education is needed in all areas of life especially technology, because you can't continue to run your IT Dept from Remote locations.If I were a VC I would need to see all both co founders have some technical skills and some fundamental understanding of STEM.

Essential Tips for Entreprenuers

We see tons of products in the market place. There is an app or service for everything. With so much for a consumer to choose from here are some things to ponder:
1. How is my product different from the global market place?
2. Who are my competitors, everyone has a competitor, trust us we can think of 20 flash sale sites, etc. This actually would make your product or service a lot better,  if you know what your competitors were or not doing.
3. Are you giving your customers the absolute best in customer experience?Crowded market place people will leave quickly because of poor treatment.
4. Have you invested time to speak at Trade shows, festivals, colleges and university clubs. Hold Twitter or Google Plus Chats. Many companies with high returns, for the first year founders spoke every where, so much that in some cases, I felt when they got married or had a child. I should have given them a gift.
5. Do you attend trade shows? Most investors and buyers go to trade shows with the specifi…

Technology Resources for Non Techie

In 2010 it use to two founders who had acess to capital would out source all technology to other countries.As the job market becomes fierce everyone needs to learn the basics of HTML, Java, Ruby on Rails, and UX design.The good thing is that with the technology field opening up there are more opportunities to get this training.Here are a few resources that those living in a major city can use:
1. GA General Assembly has partnered with the Opportunity Fund to provide scholarships for those who want to learn coding and UX which is essential for building prototypes.
2. Code Academy teaches anyone any where the essentials of coding which is a universal skill.
3. Codify actually has bootcamps for people who want to learn how to code.
4. StartUp Institute also brings people up to speed with technical skills needed to find and maintain jobs in this new economy.So it is no longer the case that you need an expensive degree or the need to outsource to get the skills you need to make your dreams…

The Upside of Beauty

When I started to write about the beauty market, I was 310 lbs. and yellow nailpolish was unheard of in fact high end make up was still a major secret.Fast forward to 2015, everyone woman wants to feel and look glamourous, when I take the subway you would think that you were at a model convention.I find out great ways to use clip ons hair extensions in different colors, how to achieve the foil metallic nail through You Tubers and women on the subway.Most VC Men have asked me have women become more vain? Not at all, more women want to look and feel good for self esteem reasons. At any price point women will continue to want to look their best.You can get that bright blue upper lid like Kerry Washington for 3.00 with a dollar coupon from Rimmel London.Even though there are trends women  with the nude face, many women are gravitating towards color trends, simple to uplift their moods.So for long haul the beauty market will continue to see an explosion especially in color, natural and org…

Giving Your Client the Best

We have to revist event planning again.Many people are very busy and when someone comes to a panel discussion, they want the best information always.Several people are in charge of groups but have no idea how to give the client the best information.These are my 5 essential tips on planning great speaking events:1. Based on the bios of the speakers, give the speakers an internal agenda or speaking points,  3 weeks before the event for them to clear it with legal and public relations.2. The week of the event resend the agenda to confirm the speaking points are acceptable.3. Two weeks before the event send out an email to your audience requesting thought provoking questions,  make it a contest to get the best questions.4. Speaker check in ask the speaker what questions they would not entertain or cannot speak about.5. Day of the event give out agendas to the audience regarding the format of the evening.Following this formula guarantees event success,  it builds trust with the speaker tha…

Company Spotlight: eLoLipCare

We trekked in the snow to a beauty event and was very impressed with the founder of eLoLipCare Timothy George.We met Timothy at his downtown offices over tea and continue to be amazed by his products and his story.eLoLip Care started out of Timothy's obsession for the perfect lip balm. He noticed in one week he would go through 5 tubes of commercial lip balm. Until, he studied the ingredients in lip balm and why we need so much lip care.Timothy created small batches of lip balm, specificially for men, using all natural essential oils such as avocado, jojoba and soy oils, and sold the lip balm on Facebook and Instagram, which sold out in less than 48 hours. He then included natural pigments to his lip balm due to the demand of his women customers and a sugar scrub for exfoliation.80 and a dream, he moved to NYC from Georgia  and as a NYC waiter sold more in lip balm than he made in tips. Until as fate would have it he met a woman, who was the Director of Harlem Week and allowed him…

Foodie Friday: Latin Inspired Irish Stew

So St. Patty's Day is around the corner and we are preparing Irish Stew with a little Latin flair.Ingredients:
3 pounds of lamb
2 Cans of Guinness Stout
3 Bay Leafs
2 tablespoons of Chioplte pepper
2 onions sliced finely
1 stalk of celery
1 bag of frozen Yucca
2 cans of diced tomatos
1 bag of frozen peas
Place all ingredients into a slow cooker for 2 hours and serve with hot bread.Cheers and Happy St. Patty's Day!

Beauty Spot: Citrus and Macademia Oil

As the winter leaves a lot of people have complained about flu season.
Growing up we always had a small glass of orange juice with breakfast and we never got sick.Watching a health program on public television one day, they talked about the benefits of citrus and how great it was for the immune system and its antioxidant properities.So, after every meal I had a small orange, which deminished my cravings for processed sugar and I did not get sick at all.The power of pure citrus. Macademia Oil, which is part of the essential oil movement in mass and prestige beauty products. So, I tried a Macademia Oil mask and a hair serum by Husk, and it was amazing. You have to sit with the mask on for 10 min. just as you would in a salon and the rinse and blow dry as usual. To seal in the treatment you should use the oil serum, especially after hair drying. Your hair will love you and others will love your hair as well.So cheers to the power of citrus and Macademia Oil.

Eventplanning Skills for Startups

A well known Producer told me if you can't plan a simple panel or party because everyone likes a good party, then how is a studio going to trust you will 100 million dollars to make a movie.This philosophy should be the case in the Tech and Start Up world. Every VC or Accelerator program should require the company they are looking to invest in to plan an event before they write a check.Having 10 years of event planning experience it teaches you the following
1. Negogiation Skills:
You need to negotiate everything from venue space, to underwriting costs, etc.
2. Problem solving skills:
Such as developing continency plans, the what if factor goes a long way.
3. Confidenality and Trust:
When working with certain speakers, especially C level speakers, they will allow their assistants to handle everything, treat every conversation or email with the utmost respect and it is already understood that there is an unofficial confidentality clause. This develops trust among your circle and i…

Who has BALLS?

Gotcha! This article has nothing to do with sex or women's rights.But it is about a gluten free Vodka brand, which is made in upstate NY.I tried the Balls vodka brand at an event, which I spoke to the owner, he explained to me that traditional vodka is made from the fermentation and distilling potato's.However, this brand is made from corn and it is distilled four times so you dont get that burning sensation or gluten from traditional vodka.I tried a shot and it did not have a burning sensation at all, then later I had a Cosmo Balls and it was very good.Here' s a cocktail from the  Balls drink menu.
Balls to the Wall
2 oz. Balls Vodka
1.5 oz. Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice
1 tsp sugar
3 oz. Club Soda
1 Maraschino CherryWhat I love about the brand it is a good quality spirit. It is locally made from NY state, we are all for gluten free and most important the owner took time to explain his product and ask others at the event if they enjoyed his product.Please check out the brand …

Ricky's The Next Big Thing In Beauty

Most people know that Sephora and Ulta have the market when it comes to beauty specialty stores.However, there is one store that will eclipse them all and that is Ricky 's.
Ricky's use to be known for the go to place for Halloween costumes and some sex toys.Not anymore!!
The store has something for everyone from Oscar Blandi blow out demonstrations, to selling Pop of Colors nail polish from a Real House Wife, to new beauty products specifically for ethnic hair care needs.Ricky's has  included all groups and I love the clip on hair extensions made by Layla from Deal or Deal Fame.Ricky's also has a professional section where licensed beauty professionals can buy beauty tools and have take continuing education classes.Sex toys they have plenty of those with a joint venture from Babeland. They also continue to have great Halloween costumes.Whatever your needs Rickys has it and recognizes the beauty needs of all people.Kudos to Ricky's!!

Foodie Friday: Carrot Soup

We made a delicious soup-- carrot.Recipe:
2 bunches of Carrots
1/2 cup of Chicken Stock,
1 /2 Onion
Boil the carrots in the chicken stock with onion, till carrots are tender.In a blender while carrots are still hot blend,  2 cups Almond Milk, turmeric, curry, and chili powder til smooth consistency.Serve with toasted almonds.

Social Media Week Recap

Last week was Social Media Week, which is a global event and I just happened to  attend the one in NYC.The Highlights of the Conference:The common theme was community building. People want authentic relationships without being sold on a product, event, or looking for VC funding, while using social next works. One Viacom exec had to defend why they canceled a fan group or fandom for a current show. Key point people congregate over specific groups they feel they can be heard.A MIT professor developed a virtual reality product that develops empathy among different cultures. The person wears the device and experiences a real life scenario as the other person.This is really cutting edge.Ford presentation alluded to the fact that they are developing alternate forms of transportation, to cut down on commuter time and they are looking to work with small businesses.Ford cars comes with a Do Not Disturb Device that alerts all people in your phone network that you are driving, which has dramatic…