Beauty Spot: Citrus and Macademia Oil

As the winter leaves a lot of people have complained about flu season.
Growing up we always had a small glass of orange juice with breakfast and we never got sick.

Watching a health program on public television one day, they talked about the benefits of citrus and how great it was for the immune system and its antioxidant properities.

So, after every meal I had a small orange, which deminished my cravings for processed sugar and I did not get sick at all.

The power of pure citrus.

Macademia Oil, which is part of the essential oil movement in mass and prestige beauty products. So, I tried a Macademia Oil mask and a hair serum by Husk, and it was amazing. You have to sit with the mask on for 10 min. just as you would in a salon and the rinse and blow dry as usual. To seal in the treatment you should use the oil serum, especially after hair drying.

Your hair will love you and others will love your hair as well.

So cheers to the power of citrus and Macademia Oil.

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