Company Spotlight: eLoLipCare

We trekked in the snow to a beauty event and was very impressed with the founder of eLoLipCare Timothy George.

We met Timothy at his downtown offices over tea and continue to be amazed by his products and his story.

eLoLip Care started out of Timothy's obsession for the perfect lip balm. He noticed in one week he would go through 5 tubes of commercial lip balm. Until, he studied the ingredients in lip balm and why we need so much lip care.

Timothy created small batches of lip balm, specificially for men, using all natural essential oils such as avocado, jojoba and soy oils, and sold the lip balm on Facebook and Instagram, which sold out in less than 48 hours. He then included natural pigments to his lip balm due to the demand of his women customers and a sugar scrub for exfoliation.

80 and a dream, he moved to NYC from Georgia  and as a NYC waiter sold more in lip balm than he made in tips. Until as fate would have it he met a woman, who was the Director of Harlem Week and allowed him to vend for free. Again, Timothy sold out all 3,000 units in a matter of days.

He explained to me that women use his lip balm actually as a primer before putting on heavily pigmented lipstick. He explained that this prevents any parabens from the lipstick going into the blood stream.

He showed me how to properly exfoliate my lips using the Brown Sugar scrub,.which smells amazing, due to the caramel extract. I used the gold lip balm, which is made out of 24 kt. Gold and it looked amazing.

If you want to wear this as a primer or on top of your lipstick, eLoLip care will have your lips looking and feeling great.

By the way eLo stands for Everyday Love Obession.

Please purchase your lip balm at

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